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Request the reason for your Dismissal
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Request the reason for your Dismissal

Do you have the reason for your dismissal in writing?

This is an important step in challenging your dismissal and is one that is often missed.

It can become a critical document in your evidence.  If you have been dismissed asking for the reasons in writing should be one of the first actions you take.

After being dismissed you have 60 days to request the reasons for your dismissal from an employer.  By law the employer then has 14 days to respond to that request and advise you in writing of the reason.  If they don't the they can face a penalty or fine.

Download this professionally drafted document template, add your details and send it to your employer today.  It could be the best $10 you spend on your claim.

Once your payment details have been received you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the document immediately.

You should also read our page on how to write your personal grievance letter.

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