Clark v Goodman Fielder New Zealand Ltd

Jurisdiction: Employment Relations Authority - Auckland

Reference No.: [2015] NZERA Auckland 228

Hearing Date: 30 Jul 2015 - 31 Jul 2015 (2 days)

Judgment Date: 04 August 2015

Statutory Officer/Judge: TG Tetitaha

Representation: W Reid ; S Maxfield

Location: Tauranga

Parties: Clark v Goodman Fielder New Zealand Ltd

Summary: UNJUSTIFIED DISMISSAL – Serious Misconduct – Applicant claimed unjustifiably dismissed by respondent – Supermarket merchandisers

Abstract: AUTHORITY FOUND – UNJUSTIFIED DISMISSAL: Respondent took into account erroneous information when making decision to dismiss and ignored applicant’s allegations about accuracy and integrity of information. Respondent failed to further investigate applicant’s claims. Respondent appeared to make decision on impression of fraudulent behaviour without clear factual basis. Dismissal unjustified. Applicant contributed to dismissal by incorrectly filling out timesheets.

REMEDIES: 50 per cent contributory conduct. Respondent to pay applicant reimbursement of lost wages, quantum to be determined. $2,500 compensation appropriate.

Result: Application granted ; Contributory conduct (50%) ; Reimbursement of lost wages (quantum to be determined) ; Compensation for humiliation etc ($2,500) ; Costs reserved

Main Category: Personal Grievance

Reported In: Unrep

Statutes: ERA s103A ; ERA s103A(2) ; ERA s103A(3) ; ERA s103A(5) ; ERA s124 ; ERA s128
Cases Cited: Allen v TransPacific Industries Group Ltd (t/a Media Smart Ltd) (2009) 6 NZELR 530 (EmpC) ; Angus v Ports of Auckland Ltd [2011] NZEmpC 160, [2011] ERNZ 466 ; Goodfellow v Building Connexion Ltd t/a ITM Building Centre [2010] NZEmpC ; Hall v Dionex Pty Ltd [2015] NZEmpC 29 ; King v PPCS Richmond EmpC Auckland AC61/05, 19 October 2005 ; Sam’s Fukuyama Food Services Ltd v Zhang [2011] NZCA 608, [2011] ERNZ 482
Number of Pages: 13

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