Redundancy and NZ Employment Law

Lu v Institute of Commercial Education (NZ) Ltd  12 February 2008  AA 40/08
A Dumbleton  [Employment Relations Authority - Auckland]
UNJUSTIFIED DISMISSAL – Redundancy – Applicant entered fixed term individual employment agreement (“IEA”) with respondent expressed to replace all former employment agreements ...
Application granted ; Reimbursement of lost wages ($3000) ; Compensation for humiliation etc ($750) ; No costs awarded
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Simpsons Farms Ltd v Aberhart  14 September 2006  AC 52/06
Colgan CJ  [Employment Court - Auckland]
DE NOVO CHALLENGE AND CROSS-CHALLENGE TO DETERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS AUTHORITY – Restructuring – Consultation – Good faith – Application of new s103A Employment Relat...
Challenge dismissed ; Cross challenge dismissed ; Compensation for humiliation etc ($15,000) ; Costs reserved
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Coutts Cars Ltd v Baguley  21 December 2001  CA 102/01
Richardson P, Gault, Blanchard, Tipping, McGrath JJ  [Court of Appeal]
COURT OF APPEAL - Appeal against decision of Employment Court - Unjustified dismissal - Genuine redundancy - Duty to consult and provide selection criteria - Remedies - Determination of Authority to b...
Appeal on remedies allowed ; Employment Court remedies set aside ; Compensation for humiliation etc ($5,000) ; No order for costs
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GN Hale & Sons Ltd v Wellington, Taranaki and Nelson Caretakers etc IUOW  11 September 1990  CA 158/90
Cooke P, Richardson J, Somers J, Casey J, Bisson J  [Court of Appeal]
COURT OF APPEAL - Appeal against Labour Court decision that DISMISSAL unjustified - Worker dismissed for REDUNDANCY - Whether redundancy only justified if genuine, unavoidable, necessary for business'...
Matter referred back to Labour Court, pursuant to s313 LRA, for reconsideration.
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