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Life-Style Inventory. A full 360 feedback inventory.
NZ 485.00

Life-Style Inventory. A full 360 feedback inventory.

The Human Synergistics Inventories are our choice for collecting valid and reliable feedback to support your individual coaching, team building and organisational development.

Everyone at some point in their professional development wonders how they are doing. Feedback plays an important role in this self- realisation process. As individuals, we have our own perceptions as to how effective we believe we are in the workplace.

But what about the impact your behaviour has on others? Do they see the same qualities in you as you see in yourself?

As we work to become better leaders and managers, one of our most serious difficulties is our lack of feedback. Looking at ourselves through others’ eyes provides information essential to the self-development process.

The Life-Style Inventory (360) provides objective feedback on your behaviour patterns as interpreted by others and combined with what you know about yourself will more accurately assess your strengths - as well as areas in which you may want to improve.

There are two parts to to this feedback:

The Process:

Like LSI 1, LSI 2 distinguishes and measures 12 key thinking patterns, or styles, that are either effective or ineffective. These styles represent various ways in which we choose to think about ourselves and influence our behaviour in all areas of life.

The five simple steps in this self-realisation process are:
Step 1 

You respond to the 240 inventory items in LSI 1.

Step 2 

Your results are plotted on a circumplex, or “clock”, for easy visualisation of how you think and behave in each of the 12 styles.

Step 3

You select up to eleven trusted Peers and Direct Reports + your Higher Level Manager  to describe your behaviour by responding to the 240 items in LSI 2.

Step 4

The respondents’ descriptions are then combined to form a composite profile, allowing you to see how you are collectively perceived.  A breakout report showing composite Peer feedback and composite Direct Reports feedback is also provided.

Step 5

By comparing this composite profile to your LSI 1 profile, you can see the differences between self-perception and the perceptions’ of others.

Please Note:

Price does not include coaching time.  Three 90 minutes coaching sessions are required to debrief, analyse and develop an action plan from your results.

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