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LSI Coaching Sessions with Karl Perry
NZ 300.00

LSI Coaching Sessions with Karl Perry

Karl Perry -

For over 15 years Karl’s passion has been helping organisations achieve more of their goals through their employment relationships.

It is Karl’s belief that increased leadership capability, accelerated problem solving and fast cultural transformation are key to organisational success.

Using powerful Thinking Process tools, Karl helps business leaders gain a unique insight into what needs to change, what to change to and how to implement the necessary change in order to achieve more of their individual, team or organisational goals.

“Karl’s excellent facilitation skills and ability to see the big picture and keep us on track not only made numerous sessions enjoyable, but extremely valuable. He had the ability to quickly grasp the needs of our organisation as well as gain a good understanding of our role. This enabled him to facilitate in a very effective and professional manner and we all benefited from his expertise.”
Steve Worsley, Team Leader, Department of Labour

Engaging Karl will give you access to a wide range of the Human Synergistics Organisational Development tools, highly experienced facilitation skills and well-respected coaching capability.

“Karl’s deep fund of knowledge around the LSI, coupled with his expert coaching skills, provided the support for open and constructive exploration of my leadership. Moreover, Karl has been blessed with a good dose of common sense, and he uses it well in his work.”
Scott Diener, Associate Director, Information Technology Services – Academic Support, University of Auckland

It is well established that to facilitate organisational change it is necessary to have a sound understanding of Human Resource practices, Change Management and Employment Relations.

“Karl is the consummate professional in HR. His coaching skills are outstanding and his personal work ethic is high along with delivering quality outputs.”
Lana West, Head of People – Retail, Bank of New Zealand.

Read more about Karl Perry.

Use of the Human Synergisitics tools requires accreditation and a commitment to a high level of professional and ethical conduct.

Price is per session.

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