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Withdrawal of right to deduct money
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Withdrawal of right to deduct money

Word image_thumb.1.jpgIs your employer taking money from your pay?

Here is how you stop them. Employers can generally only make deductions from wages when the employee has given their written consent. Often this written consent can be included in the employment agreement.

You can withdraw this consent in writing at any time and by law the employer must stop making the deductions.

Note: The are times when an employer can deduct money from wages i.e.
  • for over-payments where the employee has been absent from work without the employer's authority, been on strike, locked out or suspended. (The employer must tell the employee before deducting any money and then make that deduction within two weeks of telling them).
  • a Court directs that a deduction be made
  • a bargaining fee arrangement applies to the employee
  • they are required by law (for example, income tax, child support payments or other statutory purposes).

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