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Employment Agreement request
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Employment Agreement request

Word image.1.jpgGet you employment agreement in writing.

Under the Employment Relations Act 2000 all Employers must keep wage and time records in respect of each Employee. An Employee has a right of access to those records.

The Employment Relations Act requires that an employer provide an employee with a written employment agreement. This should be provided to an employee before the start of employment. Failure of an employee to provide the agreement in writing is a failure to comply with the Employment Relations Act.

This template formally requests an employment agreement in writing. It refers to the appropriate legislation including the requirement to have a written employment agreement.

Download this employment agreement request template, add your details and send it to your employer today.

Once your payment details have been received you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the document immediately.


This template can be downloaded any time free of charge by GOLD VIP Members in the Employee area of our employment law knowledge base.

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