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Wage and Time Record
NZ 4.35

Wage and Time Record

Employers must keep wages and time records for each employee for six years. Employees and their representatives have the right to see these records.

These records must include the following information:

  • the employee's name
  • the employee's age, if they are under 20 years
  • the employee's postal address
  • the type of work the employee does
  • the type of employment agreement, individual or collective
  • the title, expiry date and employee classification in any applicable collective agreement
  • the hours worked each day, including start time, finish time and any non-paid breaks taken, and days of employment in each pay period
  • the wages paid each pay day and the method of calculation (e.g, the hourly rate of pay, or how piece rate payments are calculated)
  • details of any employment relations education leave taken
  • details of salary deductions, such as PAYE and agreed superannuation contributions.

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