The Steps to High Performance Engagement

High Performance Engagement requires a significant commitment and effort. 

Phase 1 - HPE as a Strategy

This involves parties understanding the challenges of the current relationship, building a picture and shared vision of the future and formalising a commitment.

Phase 2 - HPE Governance

High Performance Engagement is a collaborative approach to organisational performance.  Traditional hierarchal structures are primarily focused on task delivery (commercial and customer) and are often not conducive to collaboration (culture).  Forming an infrastructure and appropriate governance drawn from the existing structure provides a foundation for High Performance Engagement.

Phase 3 - HPE front line engagement

Identification and establishment of improvement initiates and the formation of Improvement Teams brings High Performance Engagement to the people closest to the problem or opportunity.

Phase 4 - HPE as the way we work

Making High Performance Engagement part of the "the way we work" requires the development of internal capacity, leadership development and the consistent use of constructive behaviour and rational thinking process by all people on a day to day basis.

Experienced High Performance Engagement Facilitator, Coach and Consultant.

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