Employment Relations

Employment Relations Act 2000

The object of this Act is—

(a) to build productive employment relationships through the promotion of [good faith] in all aspects of the employment environment and of the employment relationship—

(i) by recognising that employment relationships must be built not only on the implied mutual obligations of trust and confidence, but also on a legislative requirement for good faith behaviour; and

(ii) by acknowledging and addressing the inherent inequality of power in employment relationships; and

(iii) by promoting collective bargaining; and

(iv) by protecting the integrity of individual choice; and

(v) by promoting mediation as the primary problem-solving mechanism; and

(vi) by reducing the need for judicial intervention; and

(b) to promote observance in New Zealand of the principles underlying International Labour Organisation Convention 87 on Freedom of Association, and Convention 98 on the Right to Organise and Bargain Collectively.

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