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Employment Relations CareerCENTRE
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Employment Relations CareerCENTRE

We believe that it is possible for everyone to take control of their careers and have the success they want and deserve.

In order to create that success it is first necessary to identify your unique values, motivators, preferences, talents and agility.  Then you need to create your plan.

Earl Nightingale once said:
"All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination."

To that end, we have created this online career centre so that you can easily develop your career path, build your plan and spend more time focused on getting there.

We would love the opportunity to be part of your success.

Register your interest by clicking ENQUIRE NOW today.

Our careerCENTRE provides unique, virtual, on-line coaching sessions. These sessions provide you with targeted, practical insights that translate into a powerful career advantage.

Simulating 5 face-to-face coaching session, the careerCENTRE experience is intimate, supportive and provides you with immediate, tangible, 24/7 assistance which results in a career plan that includes:
  • Your personal and career values
  • Your career motivators
  • Your career talents
  • Your career agility
  • Your career preferences
  • Help to develop your personal mission
  • Help with your personal vision
  • Help setting your 12 month goals
  • Help setting milestones
  • Help setting your action steps
This is a recipe for career success!
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careerPLANNING 75
Available in August 2013.

Discounted 'EarlyBird' registration is available here

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CareerCENTRE access

CareerCENTRE access

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