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Craig McAlpine - Career Boost
NZ $845.00
excl GST

Craig McAlpine - Career Boost

Combine 12 months access to the careerCENTRE (included in cost) and three one-on-one coaching sessions with Craig to accelerate your career.  This package will set you up for rapid career success.

The careerCENTRE simulates 5 face-to-face coaching sessions.  The experience is intimate, supportive and provides you with immediate, tangible, 24/7 assistance which results in a career plan that includes:
  • Your personal and career values
  • Your career motivators
  • Your career talents
  • Your career agility
  • Your career preferences
  • Help to develop your personal mission
  • Help with your personal vision
  • Help setting your 12 month goals
  • Help setting milestones
  • Help setting your action steps
Includes three one-on-one sessions with Craig to help you to refine your plan, set SMART goals and take action towards your future success.  Craig will support you in an number of key areas with the goal of find you the right role with the right company, positioning you to maximise your career opportunities – not just for now, but into the future.

About Craig:

Craig has over 20 years leadership experience within a variety of sectors including Executive Search, Professional Services, Banking and Finance, and Technology.
Craig’s career has taken him to many Asia-Pac countries where he has led and delivered successful outcomes and along the way - developed a real appreciation for cultural diversity within the workplace.
Leveraging a successful career in general management and sales and marketing, Craig works with his clients as a coach and mentor to deliver outstanding results.
Craig’s key objective is to ensure successful outcomes are achieved through a shared commitment to the milestones required to deliver short, medium and long-term goals.
In addition to working with individuals who require coaching to map out their career path or win their next great role, Craig also works with high performers to leverage their full potential and develop a roadmap towards achieving their career aspirations either within their current organization or outside of it.
Craig has developed a set of unique coaching tools available only to his clients.  These tools are designed to ensure you remain focused on your objectives, build structure into your career path and ultimately enable you to identify and win the right roles.  Combined with the careerCENTRE access you will have a full career planning and personal marketing solution.

Candidate Development Modules:
 career coach modules

Craig's modules are designed to facilitate your next move and beyond. Each module links to provide continuity and a natural flow from one to the other.

Modules are anchored to your personal and professional goals - so you will start there. Being true to your personal goals will ensure sustainable, transformational change on a professional level.

Craig will work with you to prioritise, mix and match, and develop the detail of each module to meet your requirements. The outcome is a program designed to suit your needs.

Craig’s clients span multiple sectors including:
  • HR
  • Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Finance
  • Freight and Logistics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health
Craig is able to conduct coaching in your own office, outside of your office, or via Skype (CareerCoachNZ)

Client Feedback:

"...deeply experienced, is adept at positively challenging and guiding towards powerful solutions”
David, Sales Director

"..not only supportive but also challenged my thought process as I worked towards the next steps”
Priya, Marketing Manager

"As a mentor Craig gave me the psychological boost to my morale at a time when I most needed it”
Andrew, Senior BA

"Craig became an invaluable sounding board and source of insightful, honest and considered feedback”
Baden, PMO Manager

"At all times I felt completely & professionally supported through the process”
John, Technology Manager

“He advised me a lot, from writing a compelling CV to setting my personal and professional life goals. He not only has great and creative ideas, but also communicated and worked with me to get desirable results. The whole coaching experience proved very beneficial.”
Jay, Senior Export Manager

"Due to Craig’s outstanding efforts in coaching and preparation for interviews and his friendly approachable nature, I have found a brilliant new position with an excellent company."
Simon, Learning Facilitator

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Craig has over 20 years leadership experience within a variety of sectors including Executive Search, Professional Services, Banking and Finance, and Technology.

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