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Bridget Marsh - Individual Sessions
NZ $299.00
excl GST

Bridget Marsh - Individual Sessions

My life path has opened many doors in the world of work from actor, to yacht skipper, ocean navigator, arts management and academic leadership.  My work now is deeply informed by the guiding principle of bringing forth a joyful and environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on earth.  The first steps towards which is, I believe every person enjoying fulfilling work that is an expression of their values and what they care about in the world.
The theme running through most of my roles has been helping others do what they love.  I am now privileged to work as a coach and mentor.  I work with individuals, business owners and from time to time corporations, educational institutions, NGO’s and government departments.  In this work I assist them answer the question – Why do we do what we do, for whom and how can we improve what we do for those we serve?
In my work with you as an individual I would love to help you to get clear on your vision for your life, aligning your work with your values and ensuring your next move is the right one for you.
Case studies and testimonials can be found on my website: Creating What Matters
My qualifications include:
  • Master of Management 2000 University of Auckland
  • Certificate in Adult Learning 1995 UNITEC Institute of Technology
  • Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (90 credits) UNITEC Institute of Technology
  • Masters paper Social Policy Research and Evaluation 2002 with Marilyn Waring - Massey University 
I’m also trained in:
  • Project Management - University of Auckland, Business School
  • Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management, Executive Programmes 
  • Strategic Planning, University of Auckland Executive Programmes 
  • Inside Out Change, University of Auckland Executive Programmes
  • Remuneration Strategy, University of Auckland Executive Programmes
  • Executive Leadership, University of Auckland, Executive Programmes
  • Accelerated Planning Technique - Personal Effectiveness Consultants
  • Strategic Financial Analysis – Institute of Management  
  • Multiple Te Tiriti o Waitangi Workshops – lead by Haare Williams
  • Management and Leadership – Team Building and Team Leading - NZIM
  • Accelerated Learning
  • The Dynamic Presenter
  • Powerful Presentations – Rich Allen
  • Results Coach Training
  • Managerial Moment of Truth – Facilitator training Robert Fritz inc.  USA
  • Your Life as Art – Robert Fritz Inc.  USA
  • Soul Leadership – Deepak Chopra
  • The Speed of Trust – Stephen M R Covey – Utah USA
  • Structural Consulting – Robert Fritz Inc. USA
  • Pachamama Alliance Facilitator training
My rates are per session which would normally be 90 minutes.

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